Transition 2

Branding, Graphic Design & Web Design

A new pioneering organisation, Transition 2 offers individuals bespoke learning pathways based on person-centred long-term targets which encourage them to ‘start with the end in sight’. By continuing their education within the familiarity of their local community, learners are able to consolidate their skills and experience and build upon prior achievements to become increasingly assured and confident when facing familiar and new activities.

After talking at length we developed a brief that would bring the Transition 2 identity up to date whilst retaining its core values that the team have worked hard for.

“The team at Revolver Revolver have created a fresh, engaging and inspiring web design for our College Transition 2. They had an excellent understanding of our brief, developing our ideas into something so creative and far beyond what we had imagined possible. I found them to be incredibly personable and reliable, with an extremely high standard of work. Working with Revolver Revolver has been a pleasure and I look forward to working together again on future projects.”

Development Manager at Transition 2