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Ryan Joins Revolver Revolver

We are pleased to officially unveil our new Designer, the wonderfully talented and all round top chap, Ryan Benniston. Ryan officially joined creative agency Revolver Revolver on Friday 1 February and after a couple of days in the studio has already started producing ideas for clients and we’re very happy to have him working as part of our creative agency.

Graduating in 2011 from the University of Derby, Ryan has been working as a freelancer for local creative agencies and local art and culture hub QUAD. Ryan’s work is driven by a strong understanding of design and illustration, which will add to the creative output of the studio, plus he makes a great cuppa!

While studying at the University of Derby Ryan won the RJDA ‘Creative Sauce Award’ for his work for the Brake Road Safety Charity as well as the University of Derby ‘Innovation in Design Award’. Ryan graduated with a 2:1.

Outside of the design world Ryan is a keen, but self-confessed, awful skater and surfer and is off to Portugal to have a crack at the huge waves at Nazaré in Portugal in April, or at least watch them from the beach.

For the more musically inclined Ryan’s choices for the studio playlist so far are The Smiths, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins and Primus.

“After bugging Revolver Revolver since leaving University they have finally allowed me to work for them. I am looking forward to applying my ideas to projects here and eating more Halloumi burgers from the Bean Caffé; come and try one, they’re a taste sensation!”

So if you fancy a coffee, tea, or moccochoccolatté feel free to drop by the studio and come say hello.

You can say hello to Ryan on ryan@revolverrevolver.co.uk
You can follow Creative Agency Revolver Revolver on Twitter @RevolverAgency