Revolver Revolver’s Carbon Balanced Paper Showcase

Posted on 18.03.11 by

Cutting Carbon Papers

We have been included in Howard Smith Paper Profiles Carbon Edition 50 for our recent job for Geldards. See it online at here.

In choosing a Carbon Balanced Paper, we managed to save 23kgs of CO2, 5m2 of land has been preserved and 67 car miles* have been neutralised. Howard Smith use iconography as an interesting way of showing this information, which could be considered quite a ‘dry’ topic.

Howard Smith Paper Group produce a monthly publication celebrating excellent design that is read by just about everyone who matters in the world of design and print. Profiles is a a promotional supplement and is distributed in publications such as Creative Review, Grafik, Design Week and Print Media Management.

To read a little more about Caron Balanced Paper and it’s benefits to the environment and your business, visit

*Based on CO2 emissions generated by an average petrol car, calculated according to 2008 Defra GHG conversion factors.