Louise Plant Logo Design

Posted on 04.01.12 by

branding agency

The Revolver Revolver studio have been working closely with sculptor Louise Plant an Elected Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and recipient of the prestigious Brian Mercer Award, to develop a visual identity that will help her publicise her unique sculpture all over the world.

Creating a logo for an individual presents unique challenges as the work becomes incredibly personal, while also needing to represent the completed, current and future works that wil be produced.  We spent a day with Louise and her team talking about her work and taking a trip to her rural studio to get a real grip of how we would present this in a graphical format.

The result is a strikingly simple shape constructed in very definitive angles and treated in classical black and white, which won’t detract from her sculpture but adds value and creates a starting point for us to develop her marketing materials.

You can see more of Louise Plants work at www.louiseplant.com