Getting a job in Graphic Design

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How to get a job in Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Having recently gone through the recruitment process to find a new designer, we have been amazed by the volume and varying quality of those looking for a job in the industry. We are by no means recruitment experts but there were some common failings, so with that in mind we have decided to share our experiences with those looking for work.

Quality not quantity
Many of the CVs and Portfolios were very long or showed work that wasn’t really relevant for the position. In our opinion ‘less is more’; showing only your most relevant and highest quality work, even if that is only two projects makes your portfolio much more appealing than two great projects surrounded by 20 good projects.

Personalise the application
Marketeers will tell you that personalised messages work much better than a generic message and the same rings true here. Design is an industry where everyone should be happy with creating and editing artwork, a portfolio cover or title sheet works well and there were a couple that made a really big effort to personalise every page!

Do your research
Even before you get to the interview stage make sure you take 15 minutes to look through the company website, there is usually an up-to-date design portfolio and blog which will give you an opportunity to strike up a conversation and find a mutual interests. Check the site again before your interview and make sure you know as much as you can about, how large the team is, who their clients are and how long they have been in business.

Have a question ready
It is a common piece of advice for any interview situation but it’s definitely true. If you have done good research then you should have something you want to know and this is your opportunity to find out if you actually want the job. If you feel you need to, write the question down and take it with you, there’s no harm in being well prepared!

All positions are competitive and over the course of three weeks we received 79  job applications, which was more than even we expected so be prepared to do more than everyone else to get the graphic design  job you want.