Jason Joins Design Agency – Revolver Revolver

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Jason Joins Revolver Revolver

We are pleased to unveil our new Designer, Jason Booth, the man with pencils for hands. Jason officially joined our Design Agency – Revolver Revolver on Monday July 17th, a month after beginning his internship with us.  Jason joins the already talented team and adds his unique illustrative style to our Design Agency.

After graduating this year from the University of Derby, Jason joined us for a month where his eye for detail and general brilliance made him an instant success!  Jason graduated with a 1st and the highest ever mark for graphic design student from the University of Derby where, like a perfectly groomed terrier, he won a big show award for his final project book ‘Science Saved Stephen’.

Outside of the design world Jason is a keen karate master and is about to take his black belt in Dubai, so no messing!

For the more musically inclined Jason’s choices for the studio playlist so far are Billy Idol, Beethoven, Foo fighters & Interpol.

“Erm, wow, what a year! Finishing my degree and getting a first, flying to Dubai this August to grade for my black belt then landing a job at Design Agency Revolver Revolver. It doesn’t get much better than that. I struggled for a long time to make a connection between my graphic design and illustrative style and how they could work together. I really found my feet in the third year at University and found quite a nice style/way of working. Hard work really does pay off. Since day one at Revolver Revolver I have applied my ideas, ideals and design style and it’s really working great. I just wish they’d replace this damn squeaky chair I seem to have inherited”

Favourite typeface: Univers
Favourite way of working: Screen-printing 

So if you fancy a coffee, tea, or moccochoccolatté feel free to drop by the studio and come say hello.

You can say hello to Jason on jason@revolverrevolver.co.uk
You can follow Design Agency Revolver Revolver on Twitter @RevolverAgency