Good Design is Good Business

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Good Design is Good Business

Design is an emotional and subjective topic, however there is much more to design than how something looks.

Think of a chair.  It has a function. You can sit on it, eat your dinner on it, even sleep on it depending on how bad the argument has been.

If you asked someone to think of a classic chair design, you would most probably get the same response. A Barcelona, An Eames, maybe the Egg chair.

Out of thousands of designs only a few remain in peoples memory, take the Eames Lounge chair for example. Why have these survived? Well, if you’ve ever sat in a Eames Lounge Chair, you’ll know they’re heroically comfortable. At the time of their release Ray Eames described the finished product as “comfortable and un-designy”.

They are now in museums and private collections around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

They took years to design, but I’m guessing Herman Miller – the company they were designed for – are okay with that now. The lounge chair is a perfect example of why good design is good business.  There were probably hundreds if not thousands of chairs designed at the same time. Only a handful have remained as classic.

Be it a building, a piece of furniture, a brand or a website, the recipe has to be right. Just like the lounge chair you need a clear focus on the purpose of your chair. Who will be sitting in it, and why would they buy it?

The look and feel of your chair is important, but good design serves its purpose.

Good Design is Good Business.