One great idea is better than three good ideas

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It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Given the choice we’d all rather be great than good.  The trouble is, the margins between great and good are very slim.  Bradley Wiggins took Olympic Gold at London 2012 to become a national hero and one of the great sporting figures of modern times.  He won by 42 seconds – just about enough time to make a cup of tea.

While margins were tight, the planning, preparation and training were meticulous. It’s the same story with ideas.

There is talent in spotting the one great idea from a bunch.  It requires vision to see how the idea will develop – vision that comes from experience, research and understanding.  This is where the Creative Director and the team earn their crust.

Choice is dangerous.  It’s dangerous for a client because in the creative world there is no right answer, only answers.  Explaining three, four, five, or even more concepts to a client, whatever the project, confuses and dilutes all the ideas.

Choice is also dangerous for the designer.  Once concepts become mixed great work begins to look average, and average starts to look poor.  Given a choice people will tend to pick the safe idea – the idea that makes a ripple instead of a splash.

That’s why we only show clients one idea. The splash, not the ripple.

If you appoint a Design Agency, ask for one idea. Their best idea.

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