Creating sales by defining your brand

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Defining your Brand

How can a well communicated and defined brand help create and drive sales?

A business with a price advantage can be undercut, a business with a performance advantage can be out performed; a brand with an emotional difference can command a market and a price premium.

The concept of building a brand is familiar to all of us as consumers; we choose an Innocent smoothie over an own brand label and buy phones from a computer company because we believe they are superior. We ‘buy-in’ to the companies that make them.

The concept however doesn’t end with consumer products, IBM have built a successful business based on a set of beliefs and values instilled in its people.

“IBM has reinvented itself many times. But through it all, its DNA, its soul remained intact… IBM’s most important innovation wasn’t a technology or management system. Its revolutionary idea was to define and run a company by a set of strongly held beliefs.”  – Sam Palmisano, Former IBM Chairman & CEO

This set of beliefs or brand values runs through everything they do, including the marvellous 80’s campaign ‘Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM’. By defining your brand you gain focus on your audience, and clarity in your message.

The Chief Executive of United Biscuits gave one of the most powerful statements, which gives you some idea how important this topic can be for a business and its sales.

“Buildings age and become dilapidated.
Machines wear out.
People die.
But what live on are brands.”

With a well defined brand and clear values you can start to communicate and engage with current and potential clients, without it you just have a campaign.  Your brand will last longer than your advertising ever can.